Quality Control & Quality Assurance.

Pars Bioscience, LLC has professional employees with a vast range of expertise. This combined expertise is exemplified in diverse credentials. Credentials such as US patents, advanced degrees, and community/state recognition.

Pars Bioscience

medical research

Pars Bioscience, LLC understands that scientific discovery starts with a VISION. Our small team of respected individuals is RESEARCHING ways to imporve life and cure common illness. SOECIALIZING in common, but under developed substances. Pars Bioscience has a mindset of QUALITY CONTROL and QUALITY ASSURANCE.

We are developing promising new processes behind new medicines and life changing drugs.


Delivering dependable healthcare origination worldwide is more challenging and complex than ever.


Proven strategies have resulted in groundbreaking results

Pars Bioscience, is wholly owned by Dr. Rafie Hamidpour, Ph.D..

We are a Kansas Corporation which has done research and development since 2004. The business has been doing research on Pharmacological studies that have demonstrated saffron extracts have anti-tumor effects and inhibit the growth of human cancer cells.

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